Simpson Totem

Dasakis Two-Way Storage

Wagonner Cape

We offer three different types of compression:

Totem Compression

This compression takes the bits and pieces that make the whole of your most valuable belongings. A totem-like structure is built with the essential component of each object where its parts are fused into a single unit, placed like a piece in a puzzle.

Hybrid Compression

Synthesizes the physical components and values into a new object. The hybrid may contain pieces of the compressed objects in its structure. This object can also be designed to incorporate in its structure specific items that cannot be integrated in the compression process.

Wearable Compression

Compressing one's most valuable objects into a garment supports the ability to travel around with a wearable that embodies a personal sense of home. Modern society and transportation allows people to move from neighborhoods, cities, countries and even continents in the blink of an eye. We find ourselves moving quite often, being home is not a matter of location or space, but a feeling of comfort that is created over and over, customized. Each type of compression is designed to suit our clients needs. We work close with them so the type of compression chosen fits their best interest.

The following testimonials exemplify the different types of compression that we offer, along with it's very customized results. The compression chosen was based on the client's needs and preferences.

Simpson Totem [Totem Compression]

The Simpson Totem is built around a series of objects that are irreplaceable for Anna Claire Simpson, our customer. During the object screening process, we found out that Ms. Simpson has a tendency to collect and hold on to things that comes from a very early age. In her household, her parents where collectors of books, records, antiques and all sorts of things, adding to this, she has never lived in another place other than Los Angeles. For her, it was not important to hold on to the whole object itself, but having the key segment that made the whole for the piece. Through Totemic Compression, the series of objects (key segments) where placed in a structure that holds the essence of her most precious belongings.

Dasakis Two-Way Storage [Hybrid Compression]

Voula Dasakis is a very practical woman. She let us know from the beginning that the value of objects for her lies on functionality so in her book, the things she uses she keeps, the ones she doesn't she gets rid of. While asking her what items she would save from the fire she was quick to answer that her two hard-drives where probably the most important things she had and could not bare to loose aside water, food and clothes for survival. The only one item that she pointed out was a wooden spoon that used to belong to her mother and she took from her kitchen for sentimental reasons. When we asked her what object she felt embodied her he feels that anything from her kitchen could be an item that embodies her. With her practicality, it makes sense to feel identified with something in the kitchen, usually the things we find in there are because they are USED. So taking this information and the object screening process, the hybrid compression executed compressed all the wooden materials into a spoon-like storage device. The Dasakis storage can store physical items in the bowl shaped object as well as digital items that can be stored in the end of the spoon. The spoon if flipped over, can be used as a shelter as well.

Wagonner Cape [Wearable Compression]

Modern society is used to move out of their neighborhood, state or country very easily due to connectivity that exists in the world today. A job, school, a special person can be the reason, you name it. Dwayne Wagonner in this case, is moving out to Germany to start a graduate degree in Lighting Design. During object screening we learned that the intricate and obsessive work that textile oriented work has is fascinating and most valuable to our client. Dwayne said he would keep most of his textiles including his handmade dolls and putting them together into one single garment that he can take wherever he goes. The only item he mentioned that did not resonate with the textiles was his computer, so we took the mother board and sowed it into the cape.