Welcome to OBCO Services.


OBCO Services offers an opportunity to restart your life on your own terms. Our goal is to help reduce and synthesize what is most important to you through a very sophisticated system of analysis. We are crafting a new way to envision materiality with what matters the most, you.


We live in a time of mass production and mass media. Things, information and places are more accessible to us than ever before. This is a time replete with momentary desires that enable the production of objects with a high level of obsolescence. In a society where capitalism reigns, the value of an object no longer depends on its price, but the value aggregated with human experience. We have found, in technology, a way to reduce volume and increase effectiveness. What are these objects doing for us? What kind of objects will modern society inherit and be represented by? Function and form alone do not render an object valuable enough to hold on to. Object Compression (OBCO) explores the various layers that an object embodies within the following terms:

Value: Object Compression explores the primary value of objects in a story. The relationship and circumstance of aquisition/ interaction build a sense of worth/attachment in/to the object.

Function: Type of interaction enabled by the object.

Role: Performance of the object in the person's life. What does it do?

Through these terms OBCO encourages the re-evaluation of objects in order to be synthesized and compressed. The purpose is to create an ultimate and holistic item of personal value and history.