Moran Preserving Capule

This device is designed to preserve pictures that were taken before digital cameras existed. The value of these items are of utmost importance, it is why this capsule can hold pictures in the bottom of the ocean preventing elements like light and oxygen, erosion the prints.
OBCO Services has a system designed to analyze to the deepest core, the objects that you own and your relationship with them. Through a meticulous process, we are able to dissect the properties, values and characteristics that make some of your belongings unique. The following are key points that explain our philosophy and why we operate the way we do. Transparency is a must in our procedures so we let you take a close look to our system.


Fire is the element of change. In time we have learned that in mythology and practice, fire is energy, assertiveness, creation, light among other qualities that compose the steps of the strength of this element. Through a series of methods, we've found that the irreversible change that fire produces pushes the evaluation of objects to it's maximum consequence. The type of transformation that fire provokes is irreversible. Incineration guarantees that these items will never be the same. Using the process of compression we get to transform and give new shape to objects, using fire as the main catalyzer.


Our team of firestarters is carefully chosen to complete the task of incineration. Their profile matches with those who understand the process of maximum change and giving the opportunity to pave the way for a fresh start. We are not pyromaniacs or arsonists. Our philosophy around fire is about transformation/rebirth, not pleasure/amusement. The identity of our firestarters is absolutely confidential. Our customers have the option to be present or not during the process of incineration.


Our service works closely with your insurance provider. Before any release forms are signed, we have a prior session with our insurance consultants to make sure you are covered for your new beginning.