To man, fire has been the element of change and generation. It is within this idea that we offer a way to purge and reduce the overwhelming amount of possessions into one single valuable item. Stripping oneself of a saturated material life automatically opens a door for a new beginning.

1. Fire is a tool for transformation, not for destruction or personal satisfaction.

2. True value of objects lie in human experience, not on market price.

3. In order to reduce one is obliged to revise. There is no way to obtain maximum compression without fully understanding the value of the things you care about.

4. Compression redefines your relationship with objects. It does not pretend to suggest a lifestyle.

5. One on one. The closer we are to your story, the better compression is achieved.

6. Everything not used for compression must be put to incineration. Our philosophy of release lies upon ultimate transformation (incineration) not on re-injecting meaningless objects into the world.