Future Directions

I believe that OBCO is a new branch of personal inquiry towards making design and the process of think-make as a method for designing. To have worked so closely with tools like Design Research and ways of thinking like Speculative and Critical Design, I would like to keep on bringing that type of analysis, humor and execution to the table. I believe that creating design that goes beyond form and function is the future of design, at least of what I want to pursue and generate within this discipline. I also want to keep on learning on different strategies, materials and forms of analysis. I'd like to keep on working with fictional scenarios projected into the future. I think creating this scenarios can help understand some of the needs and expectations for the future, in the present.


The designer, as a strategist and thinker, must be highly analytical when it comes to solving problems of design, for there is a process of deep critical and investigation to achieve a genuine succesful outcome that carries on the correct message and communication in design. Working as a designer, a thinker, one must know the boundaries and cultural affordances of the project thatęs been developed, so that the information or resolution come out in the best way possible. To optimize design, the designer must know the ethical aspects of the work and the ethical aspects of the user and the user environment. When one is immersed engaged deeply into informations it is more clear and easier to engage into making relationships and connections between the data that is collected and by data I mean all the different types of media,environment and cultural probes. In a way I guess, is just being conciouss of our working process and what are the intellectual lines that we follow to create clear messages delivered by design.
More than conclusions, itęs more about the process and execution of the project. I think this project is an extension of my design practice more than a concluded body of work. OBCO Services is a cross media project that not only deals with consumer culture and the relationship with design but also using design as a way arise contemporary issues by making design. In this case, creating a system of design consequently triggers other forms of design that emerge along the process. Going back and observing the process is also a valuable tool to point out the overlaps between disciplines, strategies and methodologies.